Daily Archives: Wednesday, August 4, 2010

  • Dresden Files RPG Pre-Gens for GenCon 2010

    I’m leaving for GenCon in… 7 hours and I have not slept yet, so this is just a quick teaser look at the Pre-Generated Characters I’ve made for my Dresden Files RPG game Friday night at GenCon.

    The game is called “Supernatural Suspects” and its basically the Usual Suspects meets Leverage meets Ocean’s Eleven.

    I’m going to open the session up with the characters in lineup at jail like in the Usual Suspects.  Running with that theme I decided to make the character sheets look like a Police File or Dossier.

    Here are all 7 of the Pre-Gens files and my GM file.

    A close up of the label.

    Character information is on the first page.

    City Information on the second page, including a map of the Las Vegas “Strip”.

    Behind the map of “The Strip” is a Google Map of Vegas with some locations marked on it.

    And the last page are the reference sheets out of the back of the DFRPG books.

    Here is the Story Sheet you see on the first page.
    Here is the Character Sheet for the same character.

    *Note: We will be doing the “Your First Story” sections of character generation as part of the game session, which is why they are left blank.

    I’ll post more about the game next week when I get back from GenCon.