GenCon: Pack List

Since everyone else is doing it, I figured I’d share my GenCon packing list. This is pretty much a direct cut and paste from Remember the Milk, with some comments added.

Oh a quick note, since I live about 4 hours from Indy I get to drive.  This allows me to pack and bring things that others would likely have to go without.

  • 5 hour energy - I have late night games on Wed, Thurs and Friday.  I may need an energy boost.
  • Bags - My D&D backpack for “daily supplies”, another bag if the backpack ends up being too small for somethings, and an empty garage bag for dirty clothes.
  • Clothes - Several changes of clothes, more than I will likely need.
  • cough drop (ricola) - Pretty sure I stole this from Ryan Macklin, but I can’t find the link right now.
  • Deodorant / Cologne - Don’t add to the gamer funk if you can avoid it.
  • DFRPG: Cheatsheets
  • DFRPG: Main plot
  • DFRPG: Opening Scene
  • DFRPG: Pre-Gens - All of these for my Dresden Files RPG game I’m running Friday night.
  • Dice: DnD, d6s, FATE - Have dice will game!
  • Drink (Mixes and Alcohol); Orange Crush, Coke - Putting the “drunk” in Drunken D&D.
  • Fate Point tokens - For my DRFPG game.
  • Food?
  • Granolla bars - Good for a fast snack.  I’ll munch on these throughout the day.  (Food was more of an issue at DDXP where I played in every slot, every day.)
  • Gum / Candy
  • Index Cards
  • iPad + Charger
  • iPod + Charger (alarm) -
  • Jerky - Good snack.
  • Laptop + cord + spare battery
  • Lip Balm (Burt’s bees) - Hotels are dry.
  • Mt Dew
  • Other small games - Fluxx, Zombie Dice, Cthulu Dice, and other small games to carry around
  • Pencils - I bought a box of 40 mechanical pencils for DDXP 2009, I still have 20+ of them.
  • Phone + Charger
  • Pills: Claritin-D / Ibuprofin / Stomach / etc
  • Pudding
  • Razor / Shaving Cream
  • Sandwich stuff?
  • Shampoo / Gel / Product
  • Toothbrush / paste / mouthwash
  • Trail mix
  • True Dungeon token
  • Water Bottles - I’ll take a case of water bottles with me.
  • Water flavor packets
  • Yogurt

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