Using the New Monster Stat Block for PCs

Using the New Monster Stat Block for PCs

Ever since Bill Slavicsek previewed the new Monster Stat block back in March’s Ampersand Article, many of us have been very excited about it.  Then Greg Bilsland posting his review of How to Train Your Dragon, including a stat block for the dragon Toothless, inspired me to use the new monster stat block for a Player Character.

I had been thinking about this for a couple of days, and then last night at 2 AM I finally had to do it.  Since today is D&D Encounters at my LFGS, I decided to quickly convert my Minotaur Fighter into the new Stat block.

I used Excel 2007 to do the layout, mainly because I’m comfortable with it. 

Here is a sample of how it came out, links to the full version below.


Original Excel Spreadsheet
PDF of the full sheet

Author: Milambus

3 thoughts on “Using the New Monster Stat Block for PCs

  1. Milambus

    @adamjford I am very strongly considering creating an AIR app to do that. Whether I actually do so or not kinda depends on a) how much work it will end up being b) how things go with a couple other projects I have going.

    @Dave Thanks. I think its a great way to present a character, though I do have some concerns regarding the size of the sheet for an epic level character with many magic items.

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