Designing A Game Table

Designing A Game Table

table_tv_v02Yesterday I took the first step towards building my game table, I went out and bought a 40” flat screen LCD TV.

I’ve been thinking about building a game table for  some time now and my plans have gone through several different versions along the way.  You can view a rough mock up of my current plans above. 

A quick overview of the plans:

  1. 64” x 50” tempered glass surface.  (Light blue)
  2. Underneath a 40” flat screen TV. (Gray)
  3. Around the TV a frame built out of 4×4. (Brown)
  4. 2 bars under the TV. Bolted to the TV using the normal wall mount holes.  Attached to the bottom of the 4×4.  This should place the TV just under the glass surface. (Neon green)
  5. 4 legs attached to the corners of the frame.
  6. Someway to secure the glass in place… I’m not sure about this.  Suction cups on the frame perhaps.
  7. I’ll likely attach a power stripe to the outside of the frame, on the DM’s side of the table.

Why am I using a TV rather than the “traditional” projector?

There are a few reasons:

  1. Projectors need lots of space.  Whether its throw distance, or room for the projector itself, or whatever.
  2. Projectors cost lots of money.  The 40” TV cost me $500 at Best Buy.  Yes, I could have found a projector in the same price range, but it would have needed even more space between the projector and the surface.
  3. Projectors have to be lined up perfectly.  I wanted to mount the display beneath the table, which for a projector means I needed either a very expensive projector with a short throw distance or else I would have needed to do some funkiness with mirrors.
  4. In the end buying a TV and mounting it below the surface just seemed like a much easier solution to me.
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