Forget the Kindle, here is the future of RPG

Forget the Kindle, here is the future of RPG

Here is a device that I can see using at the table.


The Archos 9 combines the functionality of a netbook with the ease-of-use of a tablet.

Author: Milambus

7 thoughts on “Forget the Kindle, here is the future of RPG

  1. Abashima

    Except for the crappy battery life and running Windows. :( And the power cord needs a touch of work–the fat cylinder so near the device would be distracting considering it’s sorta meant to be handled and carried and all. The kick stand is very clever and nice, and the fact that it’s infinitely adjustable is -super- keen indeed. Really very nice.

    It would be sexy if it wasn’t kinda ugly, but the super ginormous multi-touch screen is Super Very Awesome! I’d be camped out if this was an Apple device.

  2. Abashima

    It already does involve a computer. An increasing number of people are bringing them to the table.

    Also: Tabletop games still have what CGs don’t, which is the in-person interaction. That’s one of the only two advantages tabletop has over CGs at all (the other being infinite variety of actions that no CG can account for in advance).

    Every time I start a game with new people at the table, they wish they didn’t have to do the math and wish someone or something would do it for them, because they’re there to have fun and not level up a character by configuring skill ranks, or whatever. If they had something right there that’s super easy to use at the table that would handle the drudgery and at the same time allow them to play with their friends, they’d never, ever look back for a second. And neither would I and I’ve been playing for a million years.

    Computers are -totally- the future of TRPGs. The one and only thing holding them back from complete saturation is an appropriate device. Laptops are too big and you have to RP around them and you can’t roll (real) dice and their fans can be distracting.

    But something like the Archos 9? The Archos 9 with the problems I bring up in my own blog addressed? Well, that’s just perfect! :)

  3. Zzarchov

    Oooh, snazzy.

    As for computers at the game table, I see that as the wave of the future. Computers are becoming smaller and cheaper. In 20 years people will probably have a computer on them at all times.

    Its just a more efficient way of storing information, An aide to gaming and all that.

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  4. Anarkeith

    I’m all over tech at the table, but it’s gotta have battery life, plus a quick wake-from-sleep, or screen saver. I’ve DM’d with notes in a Tiddlywiki on my iPhone as a test. It was cool to walk in with a handful of dice and my phone, no stack of books, etc. However, screen sleep and scrolling were sub-optimal. I’m looking at Samsungs netbooks now… The Archos warrants a look as well, it seems.

  5. Tony Law

    I use a laptop, external monitor, and ScreenMonkey at my table. It’s great for uncovering maps for the players as they make their way through buildings and dungeons rather than force them to map it themselves. I also use the laptop for looking up info in the SRD and Pathfinder beta book quickly. My wife uses hers for her character sheet in Excel and for looking up info in the Pathfinder book. Another player has a EEEPC and uses it to look up stuff in the Pathfinder book.

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  6. Chris Tregenza

    I don’t use any tech at the table – yet.

    Netbooks, Kindles and iPhone are very tempting and almost right for the gaming table but it missing the killer App.

    The only thing I really struggle with pen & paper is finding things in the rules. This is mostly down to bad indexing and layout by the designers but a really well search system would tempted me to use tech at the table.

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