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  • Making Rituals More Usable

    Earlier today Mike Mearls asked “Thursday’s #dnd question – have rituals seen much use in your game?”

    Looking through several responses, it looks like many groups have not used rituals.  Those groups that have used rituals, do not use rituals very often.  The largest complaint about rituals were the casting costs associated with them.

    My proposed solution to this problem is to follow the example given in the Player’s Handbook II with the Bards.  Bards are allowed to perform one ritual per day of their level or lower without having to pay the component cost.  The only catch is that the ritual must be a bard specific ritual.  At paragon and epic tiers the bard is allowed one additional ritual per day for free.

    Following this example I would extend this class feature to the Wizard, Cleric and Druid classes, since I consider these to be the main ritual casting classes of their power sources.  Wizards would be only be allowed to perform Arcane based rituals for free.  Clerics would be restricted to Religion based rituals, while Druids would only be allowed to cast Nature based rituals without component cost.

    This house rule should increase the usability of rituals in your campaign, and make the Wizard, Cleric and Druid classes the best ritual casters of their power source.

  • WotC announces changes to D&D event scheduling

    So when I recieved an email from WotC this morning, I figured it would have something to do with yesterday’s fiasco.  But apparently I was being naive, and instead its an announcement for changes to how you register Living Forgotten Realm events.

    Dear WPN Organizer,

    This Wednesday, April 8, we’ll be implementing improvements to the D&D event scheduling process. Below is a list of these changes and how they impact your D&D event scheduling.

    Two Logos for D&D Events

    When you log in to schedule a D&D event (including Living Forgotten Realms, D&D Delve Night, and Worldwide D&D Game Days), you’ll now see two logos.

    ·       If your game is private, meaning it is not open to the public, click the Dungeons & Dragons Private Play logo. Private D&D events can be run anywhere, including homes, stores, etc. We will no longer ask where you are holding your private events.

    ·       If your game is public, meaning it’s run at a public venue (like a game store, library or hotel) and is open to the public, click the Dungeons & Dragons Wizards Play Network logo. 

    Living Forgotten Realms events can be either public or private, but only public LFR events count for purposes of the organizer’s standing within the Wizards Play Network.

    Note that D&D Delve Night and Worldwide D&D Game Day are always public, so click on the Dungeons & Dragons Wizards Play Network logo to schedule those events.
    Phone and Email Required for Public Events

    When you schedule a public event, you will now be asked to provide a phone number and email address. Please provide the contact information for someone that can provide comprehensive information about your event to potential participants. If you are running a public event at a non-retail location (hotel, library) you should usually not provide the facility phone number or email address.

    Improved Shipping Info Form

    When you finish scheduling a D&D Delve Night or Worldwide D&D Game Day event, and you live in a region that receives physical materials for these events, you will be required to fill out a mailing fulfillment form so we can ship the materials to you. You can have the materials delivered wherever you choose (except PO Boxes). There is a new drop-down box that will help you enter shipping information.

    As a note, Living Forgotten Realms events don’t have physical materials to ship; you’ll always find your download materials available instantly after scheduling your events via link to a .zip file in the “My Events” section of your profile.

    Please note that you may not be able to schedule D&D events between noon and 5pm (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, April 8 while the scheduling system is updated to implement these improvements.

    We trust these changes will make scheduling D&D events even easier. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments about these changes.

    Thank you,

    The WPN Team

    Wizards of the Coast

    I have yet to determine if the red text above means that games that you run in private will no longer help to earn you rewards.